SCOOP: Pelosi's office connected to starting Capitol protests after Trump's win in 2017 (VIDEO)

***Continuing where we left off from the previous article. If you're just now joining, you should read this one first. ——-> My family is behind most of the ‘fake liberal news’ you see on Facebook.

Aaron Black (Team Pelosi) grew several Facebook pages himself outside of this vast network in trying to promote Pelosi and the DNC. The most prominent one that comes to mind is called Americans Against Trump. To my knowledge, there was no labeling on the page at the time telling people who he was affiliated with or doing work for. The same applies to all the other Facebook pages mentioned in the previous article. Are you listening, Facebook?

Aaron worked hand in hand with activist Ryan Clayton in running the page, along with Justin Brotman, whom Aaron also considered a partner.

What's interesting is, Mr. Black, while being in the employ of Nancy Pelosi, didn't see any issue with having Clayton as a close business partner while he was on Capitol Hill disturbing former Vice President Biden and the entire Congress or doing a number of other political stunts. Some of these were already mentioned in the previous article but for a full list, go HERE.

Take a look for yourself. It was on C-Span.

You can first start hearing Clayton yelling at Biden at the 2:28 mark in the video. This was an attempt to disrupt President-elect Trump’s electoral votes from being officially confirmed.

Aaron helped promote social media outreach on a number of these stunts while handling Pelosi’s affairs.

Aaron deleted his previous Facebook account at some point recently, most likely out of fear that these endeavors were too risky politically with all of the attention Facebook has been receiving in the news. His name no longer shows up under one of his old profiles. I know of two of his but he's probably had more. It's now merely listed as "Facebook User" in the logs that Facebook keeps track of. Whenever you delete your account, your chat messages will be stored like this.

***If you didn't know Facebook kept all your conversations you've had with people in a downloadable file, even if you decided you want to get rid of the account, well now you do.***

To Aaron's credit, he has been trying to stay away from 'fake news' articles as of late, but that didn't stop him from building followers using the worst anti-Trump memes I can think of. Even I wouldn't agree to share all of them for fear they would get me flagged and/or banned for their graphic nature.

Here's a screenshot of the meme Aaron Black was talking about in the above chat.  

This is how the DNC operates behind the scenes. It's even more outrageous after you consider the fact that Facebook said it took down Trump ads in June 2020 because they used a Nazi symbol. That was their reasoning.

This is just one example. There are literally thousands of memes people working for the DNC and their partners have orchestrated behind the scenes to try and shift public opinion on Facebook without letting people know it was coming from them.

Here's another example:

As for my fear of getting banned on Facebook, Team Pelosi took care of that as well without me even needing to ask. I was put on a "special list” and was told I was “white listed” within Facebook’s government affairs department. But, don’t believe me. Believe my messages.

If you go to Democracy Partners website, you'll see a video claiming relationships with CNN, Politico, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Meet the Press, The New York Times, USA Today, MSNBC, etc. But, you don't see them bragging about their connections to spammy 'fake liberal news' networks on Facebook. Why not?

screenshot - Democracy Partners video

My main interest and role was to keep the page views (and clicks) flowing in, things that I was directly involved in, not helping out with Democracy Partners or the DNC's shenanigans. All this stuff was happening in my backyard. It was just normal for me to be around it. I personally didn't care about anything that didn't make me money. I also didn't care about getting an "inside scoop" from Capitol Hill that I knew wouldn't play well under Facebook's algorithms, something I was an expert at, but I would put something together whenever they needed me to create a video meme for Pelosi or others. I grew a reputation for making things go viral.

Here's one of several videos I did.

Now - let me share with you how we were able to make this go viral. Below is a screenshot from Crowd Tangle, a tool that measures engagement across different social media properties. It lists many of the Facebook pages I've already told you about.

You can easily see how spreading one video across several FB pages can quickly add up to more views/more engagement.

This was all done for Democracy Partners in helping generate interest in the American public for investigating Trump, going after Republicans, etc.

Inherently, there's nothing wrong with elected officials trying to create outreach among activists or speaking out about a subject (politicians do this all the time), but the whole idea behind this was to make it seem like this was coming from ordinary, average people, not the DNC or Team Pelosi whom Democracy Partners works for. You even heard Aaron say this in one of Project Veritas' videos.

One strategy Democracy Partners employed was to use different FB pages where the video originated from, and then share it across the network. I was told to not always use the same page when creating a video meme involving Pelosi. They wanted it coming from different sources - this was a clear instruction. He refers to Pelosi as “the client.”

Here's a copy of a conversation I had with Mr. Black backing up that statement:

Here's another video I did, this time from the Americans Against Trump page. I've done so many videos I don't remember this one specifically, but the "live" part stands out to me. The video wasn't actually live, though. I used special software to take a previously recorded video and make it show up as live. I had a habit of doing that because it broke through Facebook's algorithms usually for a period of time. My brother wanted me to train him, his wife, and others on how to do it.

And, here again, using Crowd Tangle, you can see all the pages we used to promote Pelosi's videos to manufacture consensus among Americans and drum up support for it. There were no disclaimers about who we were doing work for.

Russian tactics, right? Come on New York Times, own it.

Team Pelosi even planted writers at Raw Story (a progressive blog that gets tens of millions of views every month) in order to keep doing their bidding. The revolving door is in full effect here.

Project Veritas got so close

Let's talk about Project Veritas again: I want to mention them again because they did some very good undercover reporting, but they could have gotten much further along than they did.

In their video of Democracy Partners, they caught Scott Foval (CLICK HERE) bragging about Former Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker grabbing a sign "out of a dude's hand" and that guy working for Bob (Robert Creamer). What Project Veritas didn't report is that one of those "dudes" was my brother's business partner at Addicting Info, Matthew Desmond. And, Aaron Black was right next to him.

You'd think they would have been able to find this out, but sometimes it takes someone else to connect the dots.

Here's the video of them together in the front row. This might not be as significant in 2020 if Aaron Black wasn't still one of the main people responsible for handling outreach for Nancy Pelosi.

At the time, former President Obama's White House Press Secretary was asked about the Project Veritas' videos that led to Scott Foval's firing, as well as Democracy Partners' Robert Creamer's 342 visits to the White House, which included 47 visits personally with Obama. The video is less than 3 minutes long but it's very telling. Instead of talking about the videos, he decided to attack the credibility of the source.

"Well, *pausing a lot in his answer* I've been asked about videos that have come from this outlet in the past, and each time I've tried to urge people to take those reports not at face value, and not just with a grain of salt but with maybe even a whole package of salt. Because, despite what the name might suggest, these videos often have not often revealed the truth."

He was pressed on this answer but refused to comment on the videos specifically.

Now - let me show you an internal Democracy Partners email thread leading up to the 2016 November election, discussing in detail how powerful and "coordinated" this liberal network on Facebook is and how it will produce a good "return on investment for the DNC." It's a lot to digest.

***This might be hard to read on mobile. Just click the image to zoom in.***

Did you read all of that? Okay, good. If you haven't, it's fine, but you're missing out on some important details.

Keep all of these things firmly in mind, but now listen to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi act outraged in response to a question about Mark Zuckerberg's power:

"What (Facebook) has said, very blatantly, very clearly, is that they intend to be accomplices for misleading the American people, with money from God knows where. They didn't even check on money from Russia in the last election. They never even thought they should. So, they have been very irresponsible."

She went on to say further: "They have an office in my district and I think their behavior is shameful."

This is pure hypocrisy.

Her daughter, Christine Pelosi, frequently deals with many of the people involved. It's not uncommon for her to send them messages. I've also helped push videos of hers for Democracy Partners.

Here’s one example:

And, another:

Here’s a picture the Speaker took with Matthew Desmond.

On a lighter but related note, Christine Pelosi even accused Facebook of "voter suppression" in emails to activists but then was called out for wrongly making that claim by the owner of the Being Liberal page, Wojtek Wacowski. I used to have my articles shared on his page all the time. This is a page that was not previously mentioned in the prior article and has 1.7 million followers on Facebook.

In short, I don’t think it was any secret how Democracy Partners operated on Facebook or elsewhere.

From left the right: Aaron Black, John Prager, Keith Ellison, Matthew Desmond

I also helped push videos for Keith Ellison, the current Attorney General of Minnesota.

I remember my brother talking about needing to push Ellison's agenda for Democracy Partners. Here's a video I did for him back in the day. I ran this as a "live" video, too, even though it definitely wasn't live. Pretty sure Sean Hannity or Fox News wouldn't have agreed to that. You can watch it HERE, as long as FB still allows it to stay up.

screenshot - Facebook

And, again, we used this liberal network of pages to make it go deceptively viral. It was "inauthentic coordinated behavior" and a violation of Facebook’s policies.

That’s one of the main points I’m making here by mentioning all of this. Democrats have not been truthful by letting the American people know they have been behind these promotion activities on Facebook.

Addicting Info also used fake accounts to maintain their pages and to avoid Facebook. Facebook to date hasn’t taken any action. Given their connections (proved earlier in this article) maybe it was simply overlooked.

Here’s a screenshot I took less than a year ago documenting these fake admin profiles. I believe they have tried to cover their tracks more recently.

Matthew Hanson is a fake account for Matthew Desmond.

Aproditee Bellus is a fake account for Sheila Gouldman.

Icarus Deum Verum is a fake account for my brother.

Marcellus Singleton is a fake account for my brother.

If Facebook stood by its own policies, this never would have been allowed to happen.

Let's put all of this in context some more.

Take Judd Legum for instance, the ex-founder of the Think Progress website, who is now an independent blogger for himself and an influencer in liberal circles. He has written several articles doing investigative reporting on how conservative media is "gaming" the system on Facebook. He loves to mention Facebook and for a while it was all he seemed to talk about. That’s why I’m deciding to single him out, even though I have nothing against him personally.

Of the many things he's outraged about? The Daily Wire, founded by Ben Shapiro, having many Facebook pages in order to get more clicks and page views, basically the exact same thing my family has done on a massive scale.

Here's a quote from his article entitled: Facebook allows prominent right-wing website to break the rules.

"Facebook's community standards prohibit 'inauthentic behavior.' That is defined by Facebook "as the use of Facebook or Instagram assets (accounts, pages, groups, or events), to mislead people or Facebook… about the identity, purpose, or origin of the entity that they represent. That is exactly what The Daily Wire is doing with these Facebook pages."

Maybe Judd will update his own article now to reflect how this is apparently a standard practice, even by the DNC directly. How much investigative reporting did he actually do?

It's because of people like Judd Legum that I'm writing this article. We need to combat information with more information. Censorship is not the answer. 

While Judd did provide some very good points about how content proliferates on Facebook, he went out of his way to ignore facts that would counter his conclusions of Facebook only taking action against liberals and not conservatives.  And, when I mean he went out of his way,  he didn't even link to the sources where he got his information. Nowhere in his article did he mention a pro-Republican page being taken down. Judd, feel free to correct me. I’ll wait.

When he cited Chris Metcalf's liberal pages being banned, that information actually came from a Washington Post article entitled: Facebook purged over 800 U.S. accounts and pages for pushing political spam. That article cites examples of Republican and Democrat pages being removed from the popular network, as did the New York Times in their own version of the report. But, Judd just couldn't mention any of that. Why not?

This isn't the only article Judd has written on Facebook. He's made it his mission to point out how the network is supposedly going out of its way to help Republicans. This is simply a narrative of his and as I believe I've proven in this article (and my last one) it's simply false.

Lastly - take a look at Hillary Clinton talking about Republicans supposedly gaming the system in their favor on Facebook, but she doesn't mention anything about Democrats and their dirty tricks. How come?

Clinton claims that "Fox and the right-wing echo chamber has mastered Facebook, aided and abetted might I say, by Facebook."

She went on: "(The right) knows not only how to drive those stories under the radar stream, where the mainstream press like yourself are covering what's happening now, but they know how to deliver those stories through the algorithms into the feeds of millions and millions of people."

Of course, if you're reading this far down into the article, you'll know that this is exactly what the DNC and Democracy Partners do all the time.

In my next article I will be giving some insight into why the 'fake liberal news media' is the way that it is. There’s many things I haven’t even talked about yet. I believe I can give a unique account on this considering I have written news that favors Democrats even when my own personal beliefs have been different.